Kicks for Kids
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2218 S 14th St
Abilene, TX 79605
Team Chip: 325-676-2424
Marsha Hamilton (President)
Ed Morrell: 718-290-6421
Leslie Morrell: 718-290-6422
(Executive Directors)
Why we do what we do.
The mission of Team Chip Tae Kwon Do Centers is to empower people through the pursuit of martial arts excellence. Our goal is to build not just great martial artists, but great people, too.  Through our training, students learn self-control, goal-setting, perseverance, personal responsibility, and discipline. Moreover, we provide an environment that stresses courtesy, integrity, honesty, and respect. These skills enable our students to reach their full potential and become leaders at school, at home, and in the community. 

Unfortunately, empowerment through martial arts is sometimes out-of-reach for those who need it most. Twenty-two percent of children in Abilene live in poverty. These children are more likely to experience physical, behavioral, and developmental problems, are at greater risk for violence and abuse, are less likely to finish high school, and are more likely to become pregnant as teenagers. These consequence stretch into adulthood, as children raised in poverty are more likely to experience destitution and suffer ongoing physical, emotional, and occupational problems as adults.

To reach these children, Team Chip established Kicks for Kids, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides impoverished children training at Team Chip Tae Kwon Do. We hope that by teaching these children martial arts, they will learn skills to escape poverty and overcome its effects. 
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What we do.
Kicks for Kids provides tuition for children to train at Team Chip Tae Kwon Do. They also furnish other items essential to class and to martial arts development, including uniforms, gear, and testing fees. Kids can also earn other items, like t-shirts and private lessons, through good grades and positive behavior at school and home.
Who qualifies?  How do you apply?
To qualify, applicants must be referred by a school, agency, or Team Chip member; they must be between the ages of 7 and 17; their total household income must be equal to or less than federal poverty guidelines; and they must complete an application and in-home interview. Other factors considered for admission include academic performance, school behavior, home behavior, family environment, neighborhood environment, community involvement, ongoing poverty risk, and child factors.

To apply online, click on the links to the right.  Or, you may download the application by clicking on the name of each part: Child Application, OHIO W (for the agency to complete) and OHIO P (for the parent to complete).  Return paper applications to Kicks for Kids, 2218 S. 14th St., Abilene, TX 79605.  You may also hand deliver them to Team Chip on the corner of S. 14th and Highland or email them to 

I have more questions.  Who do I ask?
For additional information, please contact Marsha Hamilton, Ed Morrell, Leslie Morrell or any Kicks for Kids board member. A copy of Kicks for Kids bylaws, policies and procedures, and budget are available at the Front Desk at Team Chip Tae Kwon Do Center in Abilene.
Parents, fill out and submit the Parent Application. 
If you are referring a child,fill out and submit the Referral Application and the OHIO W.